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Stall Holder / Exhibitor / Band / Performer Cover from £30.93

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Why don’t we provide an on-line event insurance quote and buy service? We used to, but in our experience we found that most users insured themselves incorrectly, rather than have you do all the work and make a mistake we prefer to speak to you, find out about your event and provide a quote in person that meets your requirements. Better safe than sorry. We can quote most types of events over the phone in a matter of minutes.

Sports Event Insurance

Sports Event Insurance

Sports event insurance cover provides protection for organisers of both amateur and professional events such as triathlons, football tournaments, community sports days, golf days, boxing tournaments, charity sports evenings, water sports festivals, boat racing and regattas.

We can provide sports event insurance for any sports event from a small local event with less than 100 visitors to national televised sports fixtures. Whatever your sports event we can cover it.

To get a quote please contact us and speak to our sports event insurance team or fill in the ‘online enquiry form’ and we will get back in touch with you.

What is Sports Events Insurance?

Typically cover provides public liability insurance for the event organiser but can extend to include event cancellation insurance and key personnel non appearance insurance cover, terrorism and property cover and employers liability insurance.

Public liability insurance protects members of the public in the event of injury or damage to them or their property as a result of the insured’s negligence. Depending on the size of your event cover can range from £1,000,000 through to £20,000,000.

For large sports events, these types of events often attract large public gatherings and media attention and so it is imperative that all risks are assessed beforehand and appropriate strategies implemented to make sure that the event goes off without any incidents and in the event of any accidents then you have piece of mind in a comprehensive sports event insurance policy that protects you from any litigious claims.

For sports event insurance risks such as amateur or professional sports events as these are classed as dangerous or hazardous activity events and so each enquiry needs to be referred to be handled personally by our sports event team who will provide a bespoke policy tailored to your event and your liabilities.

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