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Event Insurance FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions About Event Insurance

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Why don’t we provide an online event insurance quote and buy service? We used to, but in our experience, we found that most users insured themselves incorrectly, rather than have you do all the work and make a mistake we prefer to speak to you, find out about your event and provide a quote in person that meets your requirements. Better safe than sorry. We can quote most types of events over the phone in a matter of minutes.

It might be helpful for you to take a glance at our more frequently asked questions.

What is event insurance / What does event insurance cover?

  • Event insurance refers to a wide variety of insurance products tailored to providing policy indemnity for subsequent losses which may arise at an organised event.
  • Cover can include cancellation, non-appearance, equipment, public & products liability and employers liability.

Our event venue already has insurance, do I need my own?

  • In most cases a venues own insurance policy will not extend to include hirers or event organisers. Likewise, many venues might insist on having evidence of your own event insurance policy prior to permitting the event to be held.
  • Your own policy will provide you with protection should someone present a claim against you as the event organiser.
  • Third parties such as contractors, performers, exhibitors or stallholders will also require their own insurance policy.

What is event public liability insurance?

  • Public liability insurance provides protection from claims for third party bodily injury and/ or third party property damage following an incident at your event that may be due to your negligence.

What is employers liability insurance and do I need it?

  • If you employ people you are legally obliged to have employers liability insurance. However there are businesses that are exempt from this. To find out if you require employers liability insurance the following link may be able to provide assistance: ABI- Products and Issues.
  • Your employees could include any full or part-time employees, contract staff, casual and seasonal staff, volunteers, assistants, temporary staff, referees, marshals, apprentices and even certain contractors.
  • Employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at or become ill through work.

Can I insure equipment for my event?

  • Yes, we have access to a variety of insurers policies that can extend to include event equipment. Dependent on your requirements we can tailor a policy which can cover equipment such as sound & lighting equipment and marquees which would usually be excluded under a standard policy.

Does my policy cover stallholders at my event?

  • All independent stall holders, exhibitors, contractors and performers at an event will specifically require their own event liability insurance policy. Stallholder insurance cover can be extended in certain situations to extend cover to include amateur non-professional stall holders at amateur events by referral. 

When should I take out event insurance?

  • Whilst we can provide cover at very short notice, it is advisable to arrange your event insurance quotation as early as possible. Ensure that cover is in place in sufficient time for the event.
  • Event cancellation insurance should be taken out as early as possible to ensure you have the maximum period of cover prior to the event date.

Is there cover if there is bad weather and we have to cancel?

  • Cancellation cover can, but does not always include, cancellation due to adverse weather.
  • We recommend we discuss your specific requirements with us. This allows us to establish if you require cover for cancellation due to dangerous weather only, or certain wind speeds and rainfall.

What if a key person doesn’t turn up to my event?

  • Non appearance insurance cover can provide protection for lost revenue and/or costs and expenses should a key person be unable to attend the event.
  • Key persons can include performers, dignitaries, speakers, managers or artists.
  • This type of cover often (but not always) includes failure to attend due to unavoidable travel delays, death or illness/injury, the unavailability of the venue due to damage and even television transmission failure. At any rate, dependent on your requirements we can ensure we provide a quotation to meet your specific needs.

Do I have to pay anything if I make a claim?

  • Almost all insurance policies require a payment from you if a claim presents itself. These are known as an “excess” or “deductible”
  • Any policy excess will be clearly on display within your quotation documents.
  • Similarly, our account handlers will be able to bring these to your attention if you are unsure.

More Questions?

Finally, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.