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Event Contingency Insurance

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Why don’t we provide an online event insurance quote and buy service? We used to, but in our experience, we found that most users insured themselves incorrectly, rather than have you do all the work and make a mistake we prefer to speak to you, find out about your event and provide a quote in person that meets your requirements. Better safe than sorry. We can quote most types of events over the phone in a matter of minutes.

Event contingency insurance or cancellation insurance is here to cover you for any financial losses if your event was to  to unexpectedly cancel.  Any disturbance or unforeseen circumstances resulting in your event becoming cancelled, postponed, reduced/expanded, relocated, or interrupted can have a big financial impact on you and your business. 

With over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry,  David J Miller Insurance Brokers understand how important it is to be cautious, rather than have regrets later.

What Can Event Contingency Insurance Cover?

We offer event contingency insurance for many events, this can include outdoor events, musical festivals, charity balls and corporate events.  

Some events we cover include:

Don’t see your event above? Not to worry as these are just a few of the many events we cater for. 
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What Can My Event Be Impacted By?

Events can be impacted by many things, a lot of these are external factors that are beyond your control. Event contingency insurance can minimize the the financial impact caused by last minute unexpected scenarios. You can be protected for your profit/costs lost in the event that you are unable to recover. Some examples of this would be:

Weather: Bad weather can severely impact an event. Examples of this include flooding of venues, damaged equipment, inability to do outdoor event due to rain or storms.
Staff: Insufficient staff at the event can be result of the staff personal issues, unforeseen circumstances such as travel issues, health issues, illnesses and more. This can include absence of performers, artists, dancers and more.
Venue: Venue problems can arise from electrical issues, fire hazards/fires, floods, collapsed wall/ceiling/building parts etc.
 Death, disablement, disgrace, civil commotion, national mourning and terrorism (UK)

Worried about your event being cancelled? 

Event cancellation is covered by our event contingency Insurance. You can learn more about events cancellations here.

Adverse Weather Extension

Adverse weather is the main reason event contingency insurance is needed. Insurance that has adverse weather included covers you if the weather conditions during or leading up to the event are so bad that running the event would be deemed dangerous. In this case, you should ensure that your insurance provides you adequate cover for the cancellation of the event. Events can be curtailed, interrupted, postponed, relocated, abandoned and cancelled, all due to affects of bad weather. Adverse weather insurance covers you for weather conditions that:

Occur on the day of the event which you consider to be a serious threat to the safety of all parties attending the event.

Occur whilst on the insurance in which the relevant authority or government consider the weather conditions to be a serious threat to the safety of those attending the event. (E.g storms or high weather warnings).

Occur whilst on the insurance, which prevents you from undertaking necessary set up to proceed with the event. This could be due to safety concerns for those responsible for set up or due to physical impossibility.

Look at our blog to learn more about bad weather and other covers we provide.

What Event Contingency Insurance Can Cover?

Competitive rates with access to some of the UK leading independent insurers.
Bespoke policies to meet your unique requirements.
Claims support if the worst is to happen.

Why Should I Choose David J Miller Insurance Brokers?

At David J Miller Insurance Brokers, we understand that planning an event can be stressful. This is why we don’t just want to sell you a event contingency insurance policy. We are on hand every day of the working week to assist with any of your concerns or queries. Guiding you through the insurance process, our friendly advisors will ensure you have everything in place to carry out a successful event. Our event contingency brokers are not only experts in their field, but also endeavour to offer first-class customer service to every one of their clients.

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Need more than Event Contingency Insurance? 

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