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Festival Insurance

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Why don’t we provide an online event insurance quote and buy service? We used to, but in our experience, we found that most users insured themselves incorrectly, rather than have you do all the work and make a mistake we prefer to speak to you, find out about your event and provide a quote in person that meets your requirements. Better safe than sorry. We can quote most types of events over the phone in a matter of minutes.

Festival Insurance

Festivals are a popular event, particularly throughout Spring and Summer. With access to a wide range of the insurance market we are able to quote for a variety of different Festivals. These range from a small local Food and Drinks Festival in the nearby town to a large Music Festival with over 20,000 attendees. Below are just a few examples of the type of events which we are able to insure.

  • Music Festival
  • Beer Festival
  • Food Festival
  • Arts Festival
  • Cultural Festival
  • Religious Festival

What am I insuring against?

Protecting yourself against any potential claims being brought against you as a Festival organiser be it a liability claim or cancellation of the event due to an unforeseen circumstance would be a wise decision. Running the event without any insurance cover in place could be a decision you may come to regret. Over the years we have insured many Festivals in the UK both large and small with each carrying their own potential risks. A liability claim could arise from a slip or trip. An item which you have erected such as an advertisement banner could fall down and injure someone. Furthermore, the entire event could be cancelled due to severe weather. We have come across all of these circumstances in the past. Luckily our clients had taken out the right policy to protect themselves against these scenarios. Any insurance claims are handled by our underwriter’s expert claims teams.

The Benefits of Insuring Through David J Miller Insurance Brokers

Competitive premiums with access to some of the UK’s leading event insurers.
Bespoke policies to meet your festival's unique requirements.
Expert assistance in arranging insurance protection for your festival.
Fast and hassle-free events insurance service over the phone.

Don't let the fear of event cancellation stop you.

Who can we insure at a Festival?

It isn’t just the event organiser who needs cover. A Festival will often have a wide variety of different acts performing at the event. Many stall holders/exhibitors may be in attendance also. We are able to offer cover for stall holders, bands, DJ’s, musicians and the like under our own in-house events facility: Stallholder Insurance

Receiving A Quotation

With policies available for public and employer’s liability insurance, event equipment insurance, cancellation and abandonment insurance and other possible extensions available for purchase all you need to do to begin receiving your quotation from us is either give us a call on the number above or you can fill out our online enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you.

A festival is nothing without a great array of bands. Luckily, we can provide affordable band insurance. Contact our offices today for a quotation.

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