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Why don’t we provide an on-line quote and buy service? We used to, but in our experience we found that most users insured themselves incorrectly ! Rather than have you do all the work and make a mistake we prefer to speak to you, find out about what you’re up to and provide a quote in person that meets your requirements. Better safe than sorry. We can quote most types of events over the phone in a matter of minutes. So get a QUICK QUOTE now by calling us on 01254 355 159

Event Insurance

We know all about event insurance, so you don’t have to. It’s what we do !

Our straight talking staff are on hand to help provide a quote or answer any of your questions and get you covered – fast !

David J Miller Insurance Brokers are a leading supplier of insurance to the event industry, event committees and individuals organising events.

We work with a select panel of the UK’s leading event insurers to provide competitive cover for most types of events being held in the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe. Alongside conventional events we are able to provide cover for dangerous or hazardous risk activity events such as boxing tournaments, sports events and water based events and what’s more where most insurers are unable to assist we can extend public liability cover up to £20,000,000 if required.

If you need quick and easy hassle free cover you can get an event insurance quote from us within minutes for one off event insurance and multiple event annual policies. You can get a quote and have your policy documents emailed across to you in minutes providing fast confirmation of cover.

It’s easy to get a quote and simple to purchase cover. Call and speak to our straight talking event insurance team or fill in the online enquiry form and we will look into your enquiry and call you back.

If you’re new to organising events and are struggling to get your head around your insurance requirements, don’t really understand the type of cover you need or would like to speak to someone for advice, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our event insurance team who will be happy to help. We can talk you through the different options available to you to protect your liabilities as an event organiser, exhibitor or stallholder.

We do not provide an online event insurance quotation service like some of our competitors as we prefer to discuss our clients requirements in person to ensure that the cover they purchase meets with their requirements and so in the event of a claim they have the right policy in place to protect them.

Please contact our events insurance team or complete the enquiry form to get your quick quote.

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