5 Tips For A Successful Stall

It’s no secret that, if you have a stall at a fayre, trade show or other event, location is a big factor.

Those situated next to the entrance may garner more attention than those tucked away in the back corner.

So how can you guarantee that your stall will be a success?


If you can get your hands on a prize that will draw people to your stall, you’re definitely on to a winner. The general public like a prize whether it’s a smart TV or a £20 gift card.

Organise a competition or raffle and the word will soon spread around the event.

However, you don’t want to be giving something away for free, why not try a raffle where anyone who makes a purchase/signs up for a service at your stall is given a free raffle ticket.

In this scenario, not only does it draw people to your stall, it also encourages sales.

Cater to the public’s needs

If you’re a stallholder at a large event, put yourself in the shoes of the attendees. What do you think you can offer that is needed?

If it’s an outdoor event, why not opt for a canopy? You’ll be preempting the unpredictable weather and potentially be providing much needed shelter. If attendees are flocking to you to get out of the rain, they wont be able to help perusing your goods.

Why not provide refreshments at your stall alongside your main services? Encourage attendees to visit your stall and beat the queues at the beverage stands.

Mingle and meet

If there is more than just yourself running the stall, head out and stretch your legs. Mingle with the attendees and let them know of the goods you’re providing at your stalls.

Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity to hand out leaflets if you have them.

Display is key

Ensuring your stall is pleasing to the eye is imperative. It’s unlikely that anyone will approach a stall that looks thrown together haphazardly.

Start off with any bigger items towards the back of your counter, or on their own separate unit. Then descend in size as you advance toward the front of the surface.

If you have any branding, make sure it is clear and integrated within the stall.

Just make sure you don’t obstruct any walkways or have any trailing equipment. As a stallholder, the last thing you want is a public liability insurance claim presenting against you.

Games and activities

If your stall is centered more around a service than goods, you might find it trickier to entice people over to you. Sometimes these kinds of stalls can appear ever-so-slightly empty.

Games and activities can cause attendees to flock to your stall providing that you can offer something special.

Carnival and fairground games will always go down a treat with the public. Moreover, if you can tailor the game to have relevance to the services you’re advertising, you’ll be at the forefront of the attendee’s minds.

At the end of the day, your stall location doesn’t have to make or break your experience at the event. There are countless techniques to encourage people to visit your stall, and the above ones we have detailed are in no way exhaustive.

If we can be of any assistance, including providing a stallholder public liability insurance quotation, please contact us without delay.

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