Sport Event Insurance – 6 Planning Tips

It’s not a secret that organising a sports event is a lot of work. From a football match to a wrestling show, planning is imperative. Check out our 6 tips below for planning events, such as charity fun runs to high energy triathlons, including how to source adequate Sport Event Insurance

Estimate Attendance

Making an accurate estimate of the attendance of your event can simplify a multitude of other tasks. For example, the more people attending, the bigger your venue may need to be.

If you’re only expecting a small turn out, maybe you only need one or two stewards.

Similarly, if crowds will be flocking to your event in their thousands, you need to plan accordingly.

Pick a Place

It might not be the best idea throwing javelin in the function room above your local pub.

Finding the most suitable venue requires you taking various factors in to account. The first and foremost being attendance (as mentioned above). Simply put, your venue must be able to hold your estimated attendance, plus room should there be an unexpected surplus of attendees.

Secondly, the venue should be suitable for the type of sport to be undertaken at the event. Does the sport need to be played indoor or outdoor? How big does the playing space need to be? Does your audience need to be surrounding the entire play space or can they be situated on a single side?

Answering these questions can narrow down the list of appropriate venues and help you assess what you should be looking for.

Assess Any Risk

Preempting any potential hazardous is key. Sit down and make a list of all that could possibly go wrong and then attempt to put preventative measures in place.

Putting a risk assessment in place has many key benefits. Not only does it allow you to keep an eye on anything potentially hazardous, it also shows good event organising and can work hand in hand with your Sport Event Insurance.

Risk assessments have been used time and time again to help event organisers defend against claims as they highlight that you have done everything within your power to keep any attendees, participants and staff safe.

Take Care of your Audience

The likelihood is that your audience could be the biggest source of claims should an incident happen, although claims can come from anywhere including staff/volunteers and even the venue.

Depending on the sports being undertaken at the event, you may need to put further precautions in place. Do you need waist high barriers or even ceiling high nets to keep any stray apparatus hitting your crowd.

Even the smallest of gestures toward your attendees can make the difference. Providing bottles of water can ensure that no-one within your crowd becomes overheated and dehydrated in warm & stuffy venues.

Staffing your Event

Staff can be an essential element of you sport event to make sure that all attendees have an enjoyable time. They can assist with crowd-control, refreshments and even help to spot any possible hazards.

It doesn’t matter if they are volunteers or paid stewards, if they are directly employed by you and taking instruction, it is imperative that you hold Employers Liability Insurance.

Your Sport Event Insurance

Risk assessments are essential for spotting any potential hazard. However, unexpected things can always happen. Event Insurance is for the unforeseen and unpredictable.

We can provide you a Sport Event Insurance quotation in minutes with cover being another couple of steps away.

Insurance cover can include Public Liability, Employers’ Liability,  Cancellation cover, Non Appearance insurance and Event Equipment Cover.

Simply complete our short enquiry form and one of our dedicated account handlers will contact you without delay. Alternatively, to get a running start, give us a call on the number provided.

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