Becoming a Face Painter

If you are looking at venturing into the world of face painting, there are some basics you may want to tackle first.

Find your kit

Sourcing the right face paints is essential. If you don’t do your research and a child suffers a bad reaction due to unfit supplies, you could be in for a rough ride.

Try and find the equipment that all of the professional face painters use. The age-old adage “you get what you pay for” may apply in this situation.

For a quick start, we have provided a link below to one of the most popular search results for face paints:

Fine tune your skills

If you can paint the best butterfly onto a child’s face, you might be off to a good start, however some children will want a bit of variety.

It’s a fine balancing act because; you want a nice range of options, but if you have too many, some may not be up to the best standard.

It’s all about practise. Try taking a selection of 10 of the best designs and practise them day and night. If you have you have children of your own, USE THEM. You’ll be lucky enough to have a guinea pig at your disposal.

Sell yourself

Business names can be tricky. If this is the route you are going down, you need to find a name that incorporates your trade whilst also shows suitability to work with children. “Face Vandal”, for example, does acknowledge your business activities but may cause some parents to rethink adding you to their child’s birthday party.

If you’re working as an individual, it’s best to channel your inner “kid’s TV presenter”. A face painter full of laughter and smiles is a lot more approachable than one with a permanent scowl and a visible disdain for children.


Whilst advertisements on Facebook and in your local paper may drum up some business, an old playwright’s motto of “show, don’t tell” is very applicable to your business ideals. After all, people will want evidence of your talents before hiring you.

Instagram is the perfect place to create a profile dedicated to your face painting exploits where you can display all your designs and previous works.

Side note; make sure you get a parent’s or guardian’s written permission before featuring their child on your social media.

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