Tips for an amazing Easter event

Creating a family friendly Easter event can be a bit tricky. You need to the right balance of fun and rules. You want the children to enjoy themselves whilst the parents know they are safe.

So what can you do to make your Easter event a success?

Find the space

Essentially, the right space itself can make your event a real joy to attend. Try and find somewhere gated or with clear boundaries. This will give the parents of any children a bit of peace of mind.

There are plenty of community areas that may suffice. Alternatively, ask around your neighbourhood. You never know, there might be someone with a huge garden willing to rent it out for your event.

Pick the right date

Organising your event to take place on Easter Sunday might be more of a hindrance than you expect. A lot of people prefer to spend quality family time together on this day. Why not try a day or two beforehand? This will hopefully ensure that you get the best turnout possible whilst avoiding any competition from similar events.

Games for the children

There are plenty of the usual games that you can organise for the children attending your event. However, it’s most likely the Easter egg hunt that the kids are waiting for.

Take your time setting up the hunt. Invest in as many eggs as you can and space them out well within the space.

Then organise how you’re going to release the children. Why not set the younger children off first? Give them chance to find the eggs in plain site. Once they have a few in their baskets, they will probably be happy to call it a day. Then you can instruct the older kids to actually hunt for the remaining eggs. The older children will enjoy the challenge and will probably appreciate that they’ll need to use a bit of ingenuity.

If you’re concerned about anyone missing out, why not allocate a few ushers to roam the space with some extra eggs. They will be on hand to slyly drop treats in the direct path of some struggling participants.

Don’t forget the grown ups

Most parents are more than happy to sit down with a cup of tea and watch their child enjoy themselves. So give them the tools to do just that. If you provide hot drinks, refreshments and snacks, the adults will be more than happy.

If you throw together some stalls and a tombola, even better. Just make sure that if you’re hiring any third parties to run stalls or stands, they hold adequate stallholder insurance.

Make sure that it is an event that all of the family can have a great time at.

Making sure your event is a success will obviously be your top priority. Nevertheless, incidents can happen at any time and without special event insurance, you could find yourself in a troubling position.