Organising The Spookiest Ghost Hunt

The world of the paranormal is fascinating, if somewhat scary, to a lot of people.

If you’re an avid ghost hunter or an experienced researcher of the paranormal why not organise your own paranormal investigation event?

A ghost hunt is the perfect way to connect with your already established fan base whilst also allowing the opportunity to entice some newcomers. Planning the event can be relatively simple however, if you have experience within this sector, you’re probably very aware that the likelihood of seeing an actual ghost at the event is minimal.

The Guests Come First

Whilst you might be very excited to spend an evening doing something you love, good structure and itinerary can make certain that your event goes off without a hitch.

Relevant activities can keep your audience engaged but what is your intended goal? Are you solely hoping to provide some thrills to your audience or do you want to give a genuine taster of the paranormal investigation life.

Where To Go

Once you have decided the main goal of your Ghost Hunt, the next task is to find the perfect venue.

As a paranormal researcher, you may have heard some rumblings about local pubs, guesthouses or abandoned care homes being haunted. However, the UK is home to some of the most known-to-be haunted venues in the world.T

Take a look at a list of some of the most haunted places in the UK below:

  • The Tower of London –
  • Pendle Hill –
  • The Ancient Ram Inn –
  • Borley Rectory –
  • Woodchester Mansion –
  • Highgate Cemetery –
  • Muncaster Castle –
  • Samlesbury Hall –

The Frightening

Planning some thrilling activities can help you avoid the potential boring experience of sitting in a dark room in silence for 2 hours.

Your first port-of-call is obviously to tour the premises, leading your guests and ensuring that everyone remains calm and centered. You can discuss the history of each area as you explore whilst also advising participants to keep their eyes and ears open for any ghosts.

If you have access to EMF meters (electromagnetic field detectors), it could be a good idea to distrubute them out to the audience, giving them more control of the situation. Additionally, you can go a step further and actively include them in the investigation. Assign roles such as camera operator, EMF meter handler, microphone assistant and torch management. This will help your guests feel like a essential part of the team.

If you want to bring the hunt to a thrilling climax, why not participate in a seance / Ouija board? Depending on group size, you may need to split up to ensure activity effectiveness.

It’s always best to do these tense activities in small dark areas. This allows for great audio recording, sets the tone for the rest of the group and also provides an appropriate space for any visiting spirits.

Public Liability Insurance For A Day

Safety always comes first.

Having first aid on hand is essential. Your are providing a very tense experience and not everyone can be as cool and collected as you. You should prepare yourself for any anxiety attacks and potential fainting.

Similarly, the chances are that you are exploring an old building, in the dark. It is not always evident if there is something blocking a walkway.

If a guest suffers an injury that you could have prevented, you may be held responsible and have to pay out legal costs and compensation in the event of a claim.

Finally, we can provide cover for event public liability insurance for a day. Specifically cover your liabilities should an incident occur and you been seen as negligent.

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