Fireworks Display Insurance and/or Bonfire Insurance

November is fast approaching and if you haven’t already taken out insurance for your fireworks display then now may be the time to do so. We work with leading event insurers to provide an insurance policy that can cover firework displays where it is either the event organiser or a bona-fide sub-contractor releasing the fireworks, different rates apply for each and both are subject to the event being run in line with the standard Fireworks DTI regulations.

Please refer to the full DTI regulations which include ensuring you have ;

  • An adequate size firing area
  • An adequate ‘drop zone’ for spent fireworks (in the downwind direction)
  • A spectators zone an adequate distance from the dropping zone and the firing area

As well as adhering to certain conditions during the event, the planning that goes in beforehand is essential to. Here are some helpful tips which should assist with organising the event:

Draw up a detailed checklist of tasks and indicate who is to be responsible for each one (including at least one person to be in charge of all safety arrangements). This way everyone will be clear on who will be doing what, where and when.

Arrange for your fireworks to be delivered and stored securely and out of reach to general members of the public

It is very important to keep the authorities informed of your plans – bonfire night is always a busy time of year for them so please give them plenty of notice about your event
You should contact The Fire Brigade, The Police, First Aid Service, Local Authority, HM Coastguard (if the display is taking place within 5 miles of the coast)

Arrange for the first aid posts to be manned by qualified people, if possible, borrow or hire special clothing (bibs, jackets etc.) so that you and your team can be identified on the night.
Arrange for fire extinguishers, buckets of water, buckets of sand and metal litter bins to be available and easily accessible in case of any unfortunate mishap or the fire getting a little out of control.

Low Fireworks Insurance Cost

Over the years we have supplied many firework display insurance policies with all of the above being brought to the client’s attention to ensure the safe running of the event, for more information on fireworks insurance cost or to discuss receiving a quotation please contact our team.

This information is based upon our experiences in providing insurance and whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information given is accurate and not misleading, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or perceived liability to have arisen from this information. This information should be used only as an example for you to review and consider what systems may be required when implementing a system of risk management & control for your event.

Each event is different and may require varying levels & systems of risk management & control. You are responsible for ensuring you comply with all HSE legislation and that your Occupier Liability statutory requirements have been met. If you are unsure of the mandatory HSE requirements and or your insurers own requirements we recommend you seek expert advice.

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