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Why do I need event insurance when the venue already has its own insurance?

A lot of venues will state that in order to hold your event on their premises, you and any of your contractors must hold your own event public liability insurance up to a certain level of indemnity – most commonly £5,000,000. The reason behind this is that the venue’s liability insurance will not normally extend to cover any third parties holding an event on their premises as everybody must be held accountable for their own actions, and the venue’s insurers will not want to pick up any liability claims that were the fault of a third party.

This requirement will also extend to any outside contractors which you are hiring in for the event, e.g. equipment technicians, stall holders, exhibitors etc. as they too must be held accountable for any incidents which they are at fault for, i.e. if somebody trips over a loose bit of flooring, this is the venues responsibility, but if somebody was to trip over a piece of equipment left lying around by one of the stall holders, that would be their responsibility.

It works the same way the other way around too: an event organiser’s policy normally carries an endorsement stating that the venue must hold their own insurance as the insurers of the event organiser will not want to pick up any liability that is the fault of the venue. An example of this kind of endorsement can be seen below:

Venues  –  Warranted venues hold own Public Liability insurance at no less than hereon.

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