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Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party

One Day EventSo Christmas is fast approaching, it won’t  be long until you’ve got your decorations (unless you’re an early starter) up and the big build up begins. You’re probably in the process of planning your big Christmas party to celebrate with your colleagues.

We’ve put together a few ideas to get you through the planning in case you’re stuck for ideas.

Play games

There really is no better way of bringing a group together, boosting moral or giving your staff a chance to beat the management team at some fun games. Have a think about some games you could play to get everyone involved. Got some new staff? Mix them in with the experienced ones so they all get to know each other.

Photo Booths

I am sure you’ve come across them or even experienced photo booths at parties or weddings. Get some props, blow up guitars, wigs, funny hats and so on.  You get the idea. 

Hire some entertainment

You don’t have to be the provider of all the entertainment or have to constantly come up with innovative or fun ideas to keep your colleagues entertained. After all, this party is for you to relax as well. A DJ or a Band are going to get people on the dance floor,  you could even consider a comedian or even a magician. 

Classic secret Santa

This will require a little bit of forward thinking before the party, but dead easy to set up and organise. Just write down everyone’s names and place them in hat. Take turns with your colleagues to pick names and make sure they keep it a secret. Crucially, you need to make sure you set a budget. Nothing crazy, just enough to keep it interesting whilst ensuring you’re not pricing anyone out of it.

Gifts for all

If you’re not the boss or the person in charge of funding, speak to them. Giving a little Christmas gift is a great way of boosting moral and showing your colleagues that you care and that you appreciate everything they do. It will go a long way, trust us.

Hire a great venue and put food on

If your budget can allow it, why not give your colleagues something to really look forward to and talk about during their lunch breaks. Hire an awesome venue and make sure they are well food. Who doesn’t appreciate free food?

Create a theme for your party

Themes are awesome. It’s a great way of brining everyone together for a common cause. That cause is looking silly and loving it. It’s a great ice breaker if you’re a big organisation and not everyone usually gets to meet people from other departments. Set some guidelines  if you need to. You could just wear Christmas jumpers if you don’t think everyone is up for full on fancy dress.

Keep everyone safe

Lastly and most important and often forgotten about. The safety of your staff attending the event is paramount and should be in the forefront of your mind whilst planning a party. Speak to one of our team today about our event insurance policies for your Christmas party. You don’t want to spend the entire evening/day worrying about whether things can go wrong, if they do, Event Insurance Direct has you covered.

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