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Event Cancellation Insurance – Secure your policy as soon as possible

If you are interested in obtaining event cancellation insurance cover for your event it is highly advisable to secure your policy as soon as possible, particularly if you are seeking cover for a specific occurrence causing cancellation of your event. Take the tube strikes for example; a client of ours took out a policy for event cancellation insurance with a specific request to cover against Riot and Civil Commotion (which includes Rail strikes).

As the policy was secured some time before the strikes occurred the client had nothing to worry about but had they only decided to take out the policy upon hearing about the Rail strikes which did occur quite close to the start date of their event then no cover would have been provided as this would then have been classified as a known circumstance and event cancellation policies operate with the condition that there are no known circumstances which could cause cancellation of the event.
Morale of the story – the sooner you take out your policy the better!

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