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Case Study – Winter Wonderland Event Insurance

Recently we placed insurance cover for a client who was putting on one of the largest Christmas winter wonderland events in the UK. The event consisted of many of the usual aspects which you would expect from an event such as this, but with a few unusual twists thrown in. Due to the unorthodox methods which were applied to this event, obtaining the event insurance proved to be a bit of a challenge in itself.

After establishing exactly what it was our client was looking for, we were able to work with one of our underwriters to tailor a policy designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.

Not only did we provide a comprehensive liability package, we also managed to provide comprehensive event cancellation insurance and also protected some hired-in event equipment which was in use at the event.

All in all, it was a success at both ends, with both client and our team happy with the outcome. The event was then free to proceed with the worries of any possible unfortunate incidents occurring removed, with the client safe in the knowledge of being covered by one of our event insurance policies.

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