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Events Insurance – Why It Matters

Many of our clients have asked, “Why do I need to take out events insurance for my event; what is it that I am being covered for?” to which we would reply by outlining the various types of cover available and the benefits applicable to each section.

Many a time the question has been raised as to what event public liability insurance actually covers and why it needs to be taken out for an event which may only contain very low risk activities.

Regardless of whether your event is a local family fun day or a large music festival with high profile headline acts, there can always be a potential claim waiting just around the corner. Take, for instance, the possibility of a banner or speaker falling down and injuring someone, or even just a loose bit of wire which has not been properly tucked away to avoid somebody tripping over it – all scenarios hold a potential liability threat.

Where there’s a blame, there’s a claim

We work with insurers to ensure that our policies are provided giving the most comprehensive cover available for your event; whether it be a public and employers liability package, property cover for some hired in equipment or cancellation insurance to protect your financial position in the event of your event being cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, our policies are tailored specifically around your requirements.

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